Touch it, see it, feel it - We design it.

Design is much more than creating beautiful things. At SALZ, we understand the importance of crafting the entire user journey. Our projects start with research to understand lifestyles and needs. Then, depending on project requirements, we design the brand, the physical appearance, and the digital components so the whole experience works in unison.


Every project is a new adventure.

Our process relies heavily on dialogue with users, frequent prototyping, and years of experience in bringing products to market.


Less agency,
more embedded team.

01. Industry Experience

The way we work is adaptable across industries and project scopes. We have decades of experience in bringing products to market in mobility, healthcare, consumer electronics, food and beverage, and sports equipment.

02. Team of Experts

Every project deserves a team with the right mix of skills and personalities. That’s why we work with an international network of designers, engineers, and creative thinkers. Each person is unique and an expert in their craft. But we all have the same mission: to create positive impact.

03. Strategic Partners

We care about more than just good design. We want your business to be successful and your product to work in the market. We understand the whole product development process and will guide you from the first idea to production and launch.

Do you like seeing results?